Gutter Guards Help With Gutter Debris Buildup

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Gutter Guards Help With Gutter Debris Buildup

15 December 2015
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Gutter cleaning is an important chore that can help protect your home beyond just the roof. Dirty gutters can lead to water falling around your home. This, in turn, may result in damage to your foundation, growth of mold in your basement, or even water leaking into your basement and other low-lying areas. Higher upwards, dirty gutters often result in water getting behind the gutters and rotting the building's fascia boards. 

If you live in areas where autumn leaves fall, you may find gutter cleaning repeatedly necessary, especially towards the end of fall when most leaves are dropping. To ease the process of gutter cleaning, and to reduce the number of times you may require gutter cleaning, it may be a good idea to invest in gutter guards. Gutter guards and screens are devices installed with gutters that reduce the amount of debris that end up in the gutters. There are primarily three types of gutter guards that you can easily find with the help of any gutter cleaning professional.


These are the most popular gutter guards widely found in many areas. Gutter screens are simple in nature and installation process. They work by covering your gutter with a material that allows water through but blocks debris. Gutter screens can be very simple mesh-work like the window screens, or slightly complexly-layered meshwork that can filter out even very fine particles from entering your gutters. Screens may ease the job of gutter cleaning, but they will also need to be cleaned now and then themselves.


These are gutter guards that are laid directly inside the gutter, leaving a small space for water to run off through. Inserts are porous materials, and many are made from plastic-like substances. The more common foam inserts feature a porous material that resembles foam and is installed directly inside the gutter. The foam allows water to pass through but blocks the large debris from travelling to the drains. As with screens, inserts have to be removed from time to time and cleaned. The slight drawback with inserts is that if they are not properly cleaned and maintained, small debris may lodge themselves inside the porous openings and block them. With time, the inserts may be completely blocked and result in your gutters over pouring from all corners and sides.  On the up-side, they are some of the least expensive gutter guard options. They are also quite easy to install and restore after cleaning.  

Reverse curves

These are slightly advanced installations that are meant to direct water into your gutters while allowing debris to fall off your roof. Imagine an inwardly curved extension at your roof that looms over the gutter as if slightly covering it. The water follows the inward curve and drains into the gutter while debris falls over the gutter and to the ground below. Reverse curves may not, however, be quite effective during a very heavy downpour. The water may just overshoot the gutter or spill off the curves directly to the ground. 

For more information about gutter guards and other methods of keeping your gutters clean, contact a local gutter cleaning company like ACT Gutter Service