Roofing| 4 Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home When Replacing Your Roof

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Roofing| 4 Smart Tips To Prepare Your Home When Replacing Your Roof

16 December 2015
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Roofs are vital to protecting your home from weather elements, but they tend to wear out over a period of time. If you've decided that your old roofing structure needs replacement, you can expect some construction related messes. These preparation steps will help to protect your precious household items while roof replacement is taking place.

Cover Your Furniture And Beds With Protective Tarp

Keep in mind that during the process of replacing your roofing structure, dust is likely to fall from the ceiling, you'll want to cover all your furniture, sofas, tables and beds with protective tarp or thick bed sheets to ensure that falling debris doesn't cause any damage to them. This is especially important because you never know what might come undone during the roof replacement process.

Place All Breakable Items In Strong Boxes Or In Secure Cabinets

All your breakable items like glasses, mugs, crystal-ware, mantelpieces, curios and dishes that are usually left on display should be placed in strong boxes or secure cabinets to protect them from breakage. Make sure the box or cabinets are tightly secured to prevent any falling objects from damaging these items. You can place these secure boxes in a detached garage or tool shed until your roofing structure has been replaced. If you don't have a detached area, you may want to consider temporary self-storage solutions for protecting your breakable items.

Remove All Mounted Items From Walls

Vibrations from roof replacement can cause items to fall off walls. That's why you'll want to remove all mounted items like chandeliers, mirrors, glass shelves, television sets, collectibles and light fixtures from your walls. This will stop them from falling and breaking while your roofing structure is being replaced. Make sure you place them in areas that are unlikely to suffer from any falling debris. A detached garage or tool shed is perhaps best to ensure that your wall-mounted items remain damage-free.

Move All Potted Plants Away From Your Home

If your home is dotted with a flurry of beautiful potted plants, make sure you move them away from your house structure because falling debris from roof replacement is inevitable. You can place these potted plants at a safe distance from your home to ensure that they remain healthy and free from construction harm. While replacing your roofing structure can cause a great deal of disruption to your normal life, remember to water your plants regularly to protect them.

Make sure you follow these preparation tips in your home when replacing your roofing structure.