Four Roof Replacement Tips for First-Time Homeowners

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Four Roof Replacement Tips for First-Time Homeowners

26 August 2016
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Most homeowners neglect their roofs believing that they will last forever. Quite the contrary, different roofs have different life spans depending on the climate of your region. As a homeowner, you will need to look out for telltale signs that your roof needs immediate replacement. Replacing a roof guarantees that you prevent many inconveniences, including damage to your house and other properties. Here are a few roof replacement tips for first-time homeowners.

Gaps and Cracks on the Roof -- When you see light peeking through your roof from cracks and gaps, then it is time to do major repairs. However, when such repairs cannot solve the problem or the damage is extensive, you will need to replace the entire roof. Cracks and gaps can let in a lot of rainwater, which can eventually damage your belongings. Moreover, gaps allow air to seep into the house, thus, increasing the cost of heating and cooling. Avoid all these problems by doing early repairs or replacement. 

Professional Roofing Contractor -- If you are not a DIY-savvy individual, you should let a qualified professional to the roof replacement for you. Never attempt to replace a roof by yourself if you do not have prior knowledge or experience on roofing. Letting a roofing contractor do the job is also a way of ensuring that all safety measures and legal requirements are adhered to. Also, it is prudent that you get value for money when hiring a roofing expert. Therefore, go for a person possessing all the needed qualifications and valid licenses.

Removing Old Roofing -- Sometimes, homeowners prefer to overlay a new roof over the old one. However, doing this may be inappropriate because it can hide any signs of damage that can comprise the structural integrity of the whole house. Removing the old roof helps the roofing expert to inspect and repair damages to the decking before installing the new roof. This approach saves you money in the long-run.

Consider the Weather and Your Schedule -- Although this tip is a no-brainer,  you will be surprised that most homeowners will be caught off-guard when doing roof replacement. Before you call your roofing contractor, ensure that the weather is favorable for the project because roof replacement can last a couple of days. For example, starting this project in the middle of winter is definitely a bad idea. Also, you should plan for alternative accommodation for your family. In this case, you can schedule for a roof replacement project when your family is about to take a vacation.