Roofing Encyclopaedia: Tips For Repair, Maintenance And Replacement

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Roofing Encyclopaedia: Tips For Repair, Maintenance And Replacement

Hello there! I'm glad you dropped by. As the manager of a body corporate agency, I deal with a range of problems every day. Unwanted pests and burst drains are everyday occurrences. Sometimes, there are more unusual situations. Once, I had to deal with a tenant who was keeping a horse in his fourth-story unit! The most common problems I face are related to roofs as poorly-maintained roofs can cause leaks, fires and flying debris. Since I am always encouraging body corporates to maintain, repair or replace roofs before major hassles occur, I have become a bit of a roofing encyclopaedia. I can speak with reasonable knowledge about the best materials, techniques and tradespeople in the industry. I thought others out there might be seeking information about roofing repairs and benefit from my know-how. I hope these entries prove helpful. May you always stay dry!

Gutter Guards Help With Gutter Debris Buildup

15 December 2015
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Gutter cleaning is an important chore that can help protect your home beyond just the roof. Dirty gutters can lead to water falling around your home. This, in turn, may result in damage to your foundation, growth of mold in your basement, or even water leaking into your basement and other low-lying areas. Higher upwards, dirty gutters often result in water getting behind the gutters and rotting the building's fascia boards. Read More …

Advice to keep in mind when cleaning a polycarbonate roof

11 December 2015
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While the roof is one of the first things you see when you are looking at a house, people often overlook the cleaning and maintenance of it. While you may keep your gardens in immaculate condition and have your house constantly freshly painted, no matter how much of this work you do, if you fail to periodically clean your roof, the overall appearance of your property will look shabby. Here is some advice that will help you to clean and properly maintain your polycarbonate roof. Read More …

How To Avoid Future Roof Damage By Using These Two Roofing Materials

5 December 2015
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Re-roofing a property might seem like a daunting project. There are plenty of different roofing materials available to you and it can often be difficult to choose the right type. With the right information however, you can find the ideal material which will give your roof a modern look while also providing great durability. In the past, metal roofing was a common option because it was very easy to install. However, metal roofing has the huge disadvantage of having limited durability, particularly when faced with strong rain and wind. Read More …

Shingle Roofs: Re-roofing pros and cons

13 July 2015
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For many shingle roof owners, you may want to know what to do with your roof once some of the shingles start getting old and worn. Some owners decide to replace the whole roof, but is this really necessary? Laying old shingles on new ones is also an option worth considering and in this case, the new shingles are placed over the old ones. This is also called re-roofing. So you may wonder, what's the best option to use? Read More …

Get the Lead Out: Replacement Materials for Stolen Lead And Copper Roof Flashing

19 June 2015
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Lead and copper have been used to weatherproof buildings for centuries, and when it comes to roof flashing they still stand as the gold standard for flashing materials. However, with the economy in the toilet and the prices of heavy metals increasing consistently, scrap metal theft has become a worldwide problem, with bold metal thieves literally tearing the sheets of valuable metal flashing from the roofs of buildings.  Needless to say, if you're a victim of flashing theft, you probably won't want to replace the missing flashing with another sheet of valuable metal, and will be casting around for alternatives. Read More …